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The problem with overcompensating... that it is merely a distraction.

I've had times when I've been struggling to make progress on a task, and in order to overcompensate for this failure, I would double down on a different task and try to do even better than what I had originally expected to do. 

This has happened both at a task level (I'm unable to write that blog post today, so let me work extra hard on that presentation and knock it out of the park), and at an area-of-life level (I'm unable to make progress on my social life, so let me double down on work and aim for a promotion instead). 

However, once the thing that we are overcompensating for always remains. In fact, it continues to get worse as we further neglect it. Once we are done with whatever we decided to shift our focus to for overcompensating, we are back to where we started in terms of not doing well on a task or an area.

We can temporarily overcompensate on one thing to hide and cover up our lacking in another. But, we can't make it go away.

The only way to make it go away is to face it and to deal with it.

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