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How do you do something everyday?

Seth Godin has been publishing daily blog posts for well over ten years now. As has Fred Wilson. These two were my inspiration when I first started publishing blog posts. And several years later, they continue to be that inspiration.

Recently, on his podcast, Akimbo, Seth Godin was answering a question on how to make time for something every day. "We do several things every single day without ever having to think about making time for them. We never complain about how we were unable to make time for lunch and had to skip it. The way to do something everyday is to do it and then make time for the other things that we want to do in the day. Like we do with lunch."

This was such a nice way to make the point of prioritization and habit-building.

I've been following the same approach with my weekly planning where I outline things that I have to get done and then fit in other things in the remaining time. The ones that I have to get done are non-negotiable.

And it works.

The way to do something every day is to do it and only then make time for other things that we want to do. The moment you put them both on the same plate (as negotiables) and try to make time for them each day, you have already made it ten times less likely that you'll see it through. As the more things that pile on, the less likely that you'll get around to it.

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