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No route found

Last week, when I was in Vietnam, I was going to spend a night on a boat house in Lan Ha Bay. I had to get there from the city of Hanoi, where I was staying. When I entered the location of the boat house on Google Maps, it plotted the coordinates in the middle of the bay. However, when I clicked on the button to determine the directions to the place, the response I got was 'No route found'.

Obviously, it didn't mean that a route didn't exist. Just that Google couldn't find one. A route had to exist as this was a place that many tourists before me had got to.

When we look at some of the goals that we set out to achieve in our own lives, we might come across the equivalent of a 'No route found'. That doesn't mean we ought to give up and not go after it. It is up to us to use other sources to find our route. Or in the worst case, to create a route of our own.

In this case, I only had to contact the host who gave me the directions that included taking a bus to a point, and then a boat to cross over to an island, then another bus to get to the other end of the island, and finally another boat to get to the house.

So, a different source of information helped me find a route.

And in the case of adventurers and discoverers, they end up charting their own path to the destinations that they are after.

Only after exhausting both these options should we give up. Instead of at the first encounter of 'No route found'. 

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