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Learning through reflection

Last weekend, I read this book called "The best life ever" by Aditya Shroff, whom I came across through a friend. The book is essentially a recollection of several of the author's life experiences and the lessons that he has learnt from them. I liked reading it, especially since I felt some of the reflections are similar to the ones I myself have had.

All of experience so much as we go through our lives. Every single day, we come across something new. However, we are quite busy in going on to the next thing and planning for and worrying about what lies ahead that we don't spend nearly enough time reflecting back.

This is where recommendations and advice on daily journaling and writing come in. One of the biggest reasons why I write as often as I do is to help me reflect on the things I come across, to understand them better and to learn from them.

Without reflection, we do not learn from our experiences. 

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