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You can be better

When we feel like slacking off, or when we feel like cutting that corner for a short-term benefit, or when we feel like pushing someone else down to get ahead, or when we feel like complaining about something that didn't go our way...

...what if a tiny voice inside our heads said "You can be better than this"?

We need that constant reminder to tell us we can put in more effort, we can get better than our current state, we can be more generous, kind, caring.

This is why companies have their values plastered all across their offices. So that they are always in our faces. So that we come across them every now and then. So that they can act as this tiny voice in our heads when we need it. So that they can help us do the right thing.

Goals are important.

But what's more important is to achieve them the right way.

The right things, the right way.

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