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On Certainty

Going out on our own in a new city with and without Google Maps.
Landing up in a new city with or without a hotel reservation.
Going into a movie theatre having watched the trailer and read the reviews or just turning up knowing nothing.

One offers certainty while the other offers possibility. A possibility that this might turn out to be fun (or not).

Seeking certainty is valuable. It helps us be better prepared for the situations that we end up in. Many a time, a lack of preparation can certainly hurt us.

However, an over-reliance on certainty has an equally high propensity to handicap us. Almost to the point where we might forget how to live with uncertainty.

Rather than seek certainty on outcomes, a better thing to seek certainty on is our ability to handle the consequences.

Whatever comes our way, we'll find a way to deal with it. We won't let it faze us. Or allow it to get us in a state of anxiety and panic. Instead, we will embrace it gracefully.

Now that's the kind of certainty that we can ensure. 

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