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Only one

If you could only choose one song that you can listen to in a day...
If you could only read one book, only watch one movie in a year...
If you could only ship one feature in a year...
If you could only talk to one person in a year... would be extremely careful in choosing who or what that would be.

But this constraint almost never exists.

In fact, what exists is the opposite of this kind of scarcity. What exists is abundance. There are a near infinite number of songs we can listen to, books we can read, movies we can watch, features we can ship, people we can talk to.

When there is such a scarcity, there is immense pressure to get it right. Because if you blow it, you have to wait a long time before another opportunity comes along.

However, when there is abundance, there is no pressure. We explore more. We try out new types that we haven't before. We tend to discover more.

Where possible, try to create such an abundance.

Writing often, creating often, is the equivalent of creating that abundance. Someone who writes everyday is more likely to produce something good. Someone who performs standup comedy everyday is more likely to become very good at it.

Without exploration and discovery, there is only stagnation and eventual degradation.

So go out there.

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