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Take a step

One of the sayings of the novelist, Antoine de Saint-Exupery is, "What saves a man is to take a step. And then another step."

There have been several instances where I've been paralysed for action. The state we are in never changes unless we take some action. It is easier to wait for circumstances to change in our favuor and to pray for that change and not do anything ourselves. Or to blame the government, or the taxes, or the immigrants and not do anything to change our own situation.

As Saint-Exupery says, what saves us is taking control of our circumstances and taking action to make a change.

Nowadays, I almost always know what the next step I can take in any situation is, and what is holding me back from taking it. And what I do everyday revolves around removing the obstacles that are holding me back and clearing the way, so that I can take a step.

Go take that step.

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