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Working as a Product Manager involves understanding product and business metrics - how many users are interacting with a feature, how many are making purchases (or completing other actions), etc.

Such metrics determine a lot of decisions that we end up taking - whether to launch a feature, whether to prioritize an idea to work on, validate our ideas, etc.

Naturally, there are times when the metrics behave differently than expected. When that happens, we try to dig deeper and look at breakdowns by city, by user segment, etc to understand better why something is not behaving as expected.

This is primarily driven by a sense of curiosity to uncover what's going on.

And then, there are some times when we don't feel like doing such an exercise, and dread having to go through it. This is driven by a lack of curiosity.

There is a strong correlation between the curiosity levels and how excited we are about working on something.

If we're less curious about understanding the details of something, it is an early sign that we aren't that excited about what we are working on. And the less excited we are, the less likely that we will be successful at it.

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