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Intrinsic motivation

We have two kinds of motivation for the things we do - intrinsic, and extrinsic.

When we are extrinsically motivated - for instance, because our friends or parents want us to do something - the probability of us achieving the goal or succeeding at pursuing something is quite low.

When we are intrinsically motivated - when we have a clearly articulated reason of our own as to why we are doing something - the probability of us achieving the goal is a lot higher.

When we are intrinsically motivated, we:

  • work harder and longer towards achieving our goals
  • we persevere longer in the face of hurdles
  • we set a higher bar for ourselves on what is acceptable
  • we more readily identify learning opportunities in failure
  • we plan our approach better (as opposed to waiting for someone to hand us a map)
How intrinsically motivated are you? And if you're managing other people or are teaching / bringing up kids, what are you doing to increase their intrinsic motivation?

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