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Curiosity precedes passion

When watching a movie, we might simply enjoy the plot line and come out entertained (as intended). Or, we can ask a host of questions like "Why did the Director close up on the actor like that just as he was performing that action?", "Why did the background music change to a different tone while he was talking?", "Why did he cast this person for the role and not someone else?", "What if the scene had been done this way instead?"

It's not often we end up in question spirals like that during the course of our days. We spend a lot of our time just passively consuming.

However, if you start coming up with questions like that when you're watching a movie, taking a stroll, listening to a colleague in a meeting, reading an article...

...then pay attention.

Because, there is a good chance that you are passionate about what you're observing.

Curiosity precedes passion. 

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