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Achieving fit

Many startup ideas that were funded and then went bust back in the late '90s are successful and thriving companies today.

E-commerce struggled to take off in India when it was a replica of what had worked in the US, and it took off with the introduction of cash-on-delivery, which was a novel concept at the time.

There are thousands of such cases where something that worked in one environment failed to work in another, or vice versa.

I've often had conversations where people want to incorporate the practices of a company like Basecamp in their own organizations, or want to structure their teams like how Google does. But, just because something works for these companies doesn't mean that it'll work for others as well.

Similarly, what works for a successful individual in getting them to where they are doesn't mean it'll work for someone else aiming to be there as well. So, trying to emulate the habits of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk is hardly a recipe for success.

We should be looking at what has a good fit to the situation and the environment that we are in and then incorporate those. Which often means, taking ingredients from others that we see and using them in our own recipe rather than replicating whole recipes.

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