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Exploration Days

When I look at how I spend my days, some of them are heavy on exploration and others are heavy on execution.

The execution days are very busy, often running up to ten or twelve hours worth of tasks and barely any time to spare to even look at my calendar to see what's up next.

The exploration days, on the other hand, have very little action when compared to the execution days as these are full of blocks of time with no real tasks defined as to what I need to get done in those blocks of time.

And yet, it is the exploration days that seem like the harder ones.

Because, these are the days where the thinking happens in order to come up with well defined tasks to deliver on the execution days. These are the days that are most affected by procrastination, self doubt and uncertainty. All of which need to be overcome in order to define relevant tasks to work on in order to make progress on my goals.

While the execution days end up feeling super productive, it is the work done on the exploration days that make that feeling possible. As there wouldn't be any productive work to do otherwise.

How much time do you spend in exploration?

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