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The Emotional Diet

Ever since I started paying attention to my health and fitness, I've been paying attention to my diet and have been particular about following a wholesome and healthy diet that comprises of the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbs, etc.

This is common knowledge for a lot of people now, and they all follow a version of a diet that works for them.

But not many, including me, pay as much attention to the emotional diet.

What we put into us is what shapes us in terms of our health and what we're capable of doing. This is as true of food and our physical abilities as it is of emotions and our mental abilities.

We need to expose ourselves to a healthy and wholesome mix of a variety of emotions. Otherwise, it would be like having chips (or some other one-dimensional dish) for every meal.

What that mix looks like is different from one person to another, just like a food diet.

But, it's worth figuring it out.

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