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Fusion restaurants

Fusion restaurants serve food from multiple cuisines. These are the kinds of restaurants where you can order samosas for starters and pasta for main course.

Such restaurants are either poor / mediocre at all the cuisines, or they are good at one and poor / mediocre at the others.

I've had experiences where I wasn't interested in eating what they were good at, but in one of the other cuisine options. And every time, I have regretted not choosing what they were good for.

The other options only exist to placate the one or two people in a group that are not fans of the primary cuisine of the restaurant. If the other options weren't on the menu, perhaps the entire group would go somewhere else. But, with the options, the group can then be tricked into coming into the restaurant.

Now, I have learnt to go to a place and only order what they are good for. At restaurants, stores, websites, tourist places, etc. 

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