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Book Tours

I noticed Chris Guillebeau post the details of his upcoming book tour where he will be traveling to 40 cities to promote his new book.

Now, this is a man who has a handful of bestsellers to his name already, and yet goes to the trouble of doing so many book tours on a hectic schedule.

But, of course, this isn't at all surprising.

The most popular brands, the most successful authors, the most reputed experts in the industry are all ones who consistently show up and present their work.

Some do it to make more sales, some others do it to enhance their reputation while others do it simply because they are generous people and want to give.

Irrespective of the intent, the act itself is an important one. Because, having to turn up frequently and show our work forces us to be on our toes. And most importantly, it forces us to consider what we bring to the table and what value we add to our audience.

And that could always use some refining.

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