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Establish a new routine

Now that one third of the world is working from home, or are otherwise confined to their homes and hence have their regular routines disrupted, it is time to establish some new routines. Especially given that the situation looks like it could last for a few more weeks.

While we can't really step out of the house much, it is still essential that we keep ourselves fit, continue to eat healthy, maintain equanimity and get our work done.

In the absence of a routine, we default to the things that we are traditionally used to doing when we are at home. For instance, my first week stuck at home, it took some getting used to to wake up on time and keep up with my morning workouts. And I had to make a conscious change to ensure I continue to keep doing these things.

And once we are out of this situation, we will either have to embrace our old routines or perhaps come up with new ones altogether.

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