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In times of crisis

In times of crisis like the one we are in, there is a lot of moving ground. Many of the plans we had made at the start of the year are no longer relevant and the plans we make now may turn irrelevant again in a few weeks or months.

However, in times of crisis, there are things that have a lot of uncertainty around them - like when lockdowns will come to an end, when travel restrictions will be lifted, and whether things will ever go back to the way they were. And then there are things that have much lesser uncertainty around them - like our deep seated need for socializing, whether we are in lockdown or not, and most other things that have a longer term horizon.

In times of crisis, we need to double down on those things that have a lot less uncertainty around them and stop making plans about (and fretting about) things that do have a lot of uncertainty about them.

This is especially true for businesses that are affected in this time.

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