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The Himalayan Miscalculation

When Mahatma Gandhi returned to India, he began to implement a strategy of civil disobedience similar to what he had done successfully in his campaigns in South Africa. He would later call this his Himalayan miscalculation. “Before a people could be fit for offering civil disobedience,” he later wrote, “they should thoroughly understand its deeper implications.”

Following what works for another company at your own in the hope that it will yield similar results or following the habits and behaviours of successful individuals in the hope that we too will be as successful in what we do, is like Gandhi's Himalayan miscalculation.

In order for them to succeed, we need to understand and internalize the deeper implications of following these habits and processes.

We need to understand the roots of these habits and then reconstruct our own habits to the same effect. Otherwise, we will only be scratching at the surface and trying to give an external makeover.

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