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It just takes one person

Four weeks into social distancing and increasingly stricter forms of lockdown worldwide, still many people don't seem to fully grasp the idea of how this works.

If we could isolate every person on the planet for a period of three weeks, we can be certain that the virus doesn't spread to even one additional person. But that is impossible to do as we cannot fully isolate every single individual from every other individual for any length of time, let alone three weeks.

And when we can't do that, all it takes is one person to not follow the isolation and infect others. So, in reality, what we are trying to do with social distancing is to not bring new infections to zero, but to simply lower them enough for our hospitals and our health workers to be able to deal with everyone that is infected.

I was reminded of how it takes just one person to break the rule that affects everyone else adversely from this scene from one of my all time favourite movies - The Simpsons Movie.

Enjoy the video (and maybe watch the movie).

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