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Putting it into action

While playing a game of Poker with friends, on one of the rounds, I had an unsuited two and a seven as my cards. I decided it's a bad hand and didn't even match the blinds. However, the flop turned up a two, a seven and a ten. And then there was another seven on the turn. I would have had a full house had I played. But since I didn't, what I had in my pocket was useless.

We tend to read a lot, take courses, listen to podcasts, etc and accumulate a lot of knowledge in doing so. However, we don't put that knowledge to use nearly as often as we should be doing in real life in the situations that we find ourselves in.

All that knowledge means nothing, like my two and seven, if we are not acting on it.

During the lockdown, I hear that a lot of people are spending time reading more and learning more. But make sure that it isn't reading for the sake of reading or learning for the sake of learning alone.

Unless you are putting what you learn to use, you might as well be spending that time watching re-runs of Rick and Morty on Netflix.

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