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Strengths and weaknesses

In any area that we are focusing on - from playing football to making powerpoint presentations, we have some strengths and some weaknesses.

As we look to make improvements, we can focus on doubling down on our strengths and amplifying them or we can focus on shoring up our weaknesses to become more well-rounded.

While both seem like reasonably good things to be doing, there is only one right answer given the stage we are in with respect to the area we are considering.

When we are starting out, it makes sense to focus on shoring up our weaknesses so that we can quickly achieve an acceptable level on all the various aspects of the task or skill. For instance, anyone starting to play football should learn how to pass, how to tackle, how to run with the ball and how to shoot and not simply focus on passing if that is their area of strength.

Because, when we are starting out, even the areas we are strong in are not good enough and the areas we are weak in can be debilitating.

However, once we have obtained a certain level of proficiency, then it is time to double down on our strengths and find ways to amplify them as these will be our differentiators.

How do you approach your strengths and weaknesses?

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