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The new normal

Statistically, if you spend 21 days in a row investing daily time in performing a new action, that will become your new normal and has a high probability of sticking on as a new habit. So, when we try to build a new habit, we are trying to establish a new normal.

Today, several of us completed four weeks in lockdown and / or working from home. And this has certainly become the new normal for me.

Initially, I put off thinking about a few things with the assumption that this situation will be temporary - more like a temporary indulgence than a habit. But now that this is the new normal and could be so for a while more, I have started reshaping some old habits and converting them into ones I can keep in the new normal.

This has required some deliberate engineering of my time and habits, but it is vital to do so if I am to shape what the new normal looks like and not simply let it happen to me.

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