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Would I do it tomorrow?

I've often been in the situation where I had agreed to a meeting or to do something a few days ago, but am now dreading it and am facing reluctance and hesitation to see it through now that the meeting is upon me.

Thanks to Chris Guillebeau, I now realise why this happens and what to do about it.

We have a tendency to accept commitments on our time if they are farther out in the future than if they were for today or tomorrow. This could be because we have more certainty over what we are doing today or tomorrow and hence makes it easier to say no to new requests. Or it could be that we are more optimistic about how we will be using our time in the future and feel that we can take on some commitments. 

But once that day arrives, we may not feel fully up to seeing it through. 

So, to follow Chris's advice, what we need to do before saying yes to commitments that are more farther out, is to ask ourselves if we would do it tomorrow. If we won't, then it's probably a request worth rejecting.

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