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Cities are all about events - theatre, comedy, live music, sports. They are about restaurants, fitness centers, and most prominently, offices. 

Over the years, people have flocked to cities for work, which are enabled by all of the above.

But, for the past three months, we have been living in cities in name only. We haven't been experiencing any of the above aspects of city life. We might as well have been living in a remote location with a strong Internet connection. 

While it is true that a lot of the jobs can be done just as well or better without having to go into an office, that doesn't automatically mean that we can start rethinking cities and start moving out to more remote areas. 

It's all of the above that make cities what they are. And it is all of the above that we crave. 

We might work from home more often, but we won't be reshaping cities any time soon. 

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