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When something big happens, especially when it is something negative, like an injury or a loss of some sort - financial, relationship, life, etc, then we usually take time to re-index to the new reality. 

The longer we spend before we re-index our expectations, our behaviours, etc, the longer we grieve, the longer we feel the loss or change and the harder we make it for ourselves to move forward. 

I've had experiences where I've still not fully re-indexed after several years and experiences where I've re-indexed near-immediately. And needless to say, the moment I re-index, the event that occurred feels like a non-entity. It feels like just another experience that has shaped my life in some way. But has no other bearing on what's to come in the future. It doesn't make me compare new experiences to what-could-have-been had it not been for that event. 

Re-indexing is essentially letting go of the past and moving on. 

It's half way to leading a fully mindful existence in the present moment. 

The other half is in letting go of the expectations we have for the future, which is a re-indexing of a different sort. 

How many events and experiences have you failed to re-index from? How many events and experiences are still holding you back?

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