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Are you upgrading your Stack?

If you work in Tech, you would know what a Tech Stack is. It is simply a set of tools for implementing some intended IT idea. It consists of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, various development tools and programming approaches themselves. The combination of all of the above determines the viability and competitiveness of the application, its functionality, scalability, and further maintenance.

So, when selecting a Tech stack, developers make their choice based on their Security, Scalability, Maintenance and budget needs / constraints. 

A stack selected at one stage of a product / company may not be the best option at a later stage. For instance, at a previous company I worked for, we had a tech stack that was ideal for scaling fast with minimal effort. However, once the company was at a bigger size, the costs started to become prohibitive with this Stack, and we decided to migrate to a different Stack that optimized for the needs at that stage of the product.

Our own stack (as individuals) comprise of the environment that we live and work in, the people that we spend a lot of time with, the content that we consume regularly, the ideas that we expose ourselves to, and of course, the tools that we use for our daily activities. 

Such a Stack that we selected once isn't set in stone. For instance, many people are making different choices about where to live and how to structure their work days now that they're working remote full time (at least during the pandemic). 

Often, when we are evaluating our progress against our goals, we focus the evaluation on the efforts that we are putting in. But, there are so many other components of the Stack that also influence the results. And we ought to be having a hard look at those as well and making the decisions to upgrade where needed.

Are you upgrading your Stack?

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