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In defence of the framework

I have a framework for making a lot of decisions. Everything from what to do, what show to watch, what restaurant to eat at, and of course, how to plan my week to achieve my goals. 

However, there are certainly times when I deviate from the process and make decisions that are different from what I would make as per my framework. 

When that starts to happen frequently, that's feedback that something is off with my framework and it needs updating. And I update it to minimise the deviation. 

We have a lot of frameworks at the workplace as well - for how to evaluate candidates, how to prioritise what to work on, how to run a project, etc. And there too, when the deviations start to be frequent, that's a time to question the frameworks and update them. 

The key benefit of using frameworks is that it brings in consistency in the decisions that we make. 

When we go on our whim, we have a higher variance in the decisions that we make due to a lot of biases that come in at the time of decision-making like the mood that we're in, the environment we're in, etc.

And this consistency is worth achieving. 

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