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In Business School, we learn a lot of frameworks for evaluating situations and making decisions. There are frameworks for how to position and price a product, how to enter a new market, how to evaluate competition, how to design an organization, how to interview prospective employees, etc. 

If you have a problem or a task, you can find a framework that can help structure your approach towards it.

Having access to such frameworks is having meta-knowledge. And the ability to notice nuance in a situation and select the right flavour of a framework to apply is a valuable skill.

After all, that is Management Consulting in a nutshell. 

What frameworks do is bring structure to our thinking. They help us de-clutter our thinking. They help us to be thorough. And they help us remain more objective.

This sort of a structure is very useful in everything that we do. 

If you're struggling to get something done, ask yourself how you are structuring your approach. Maybe that's what needs changing.

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