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New normal

In the recent years, when the US based entertainment industry (shows, movies, etc) started to get greater representation in terms of diversity of actors in lead and supporting roles, the transition stood out as a conscious effort to make this happen while watching them.

Back then, I would think whether it isn't just as obvious to everyone else watching and whether this would actually make the intended difference. 

But, once the initial inertia was overcome, what I was seeing became the new normal. 

Change comes with a period of transition when everything seems a bit off, until we get used to it and becomes the new normal. 

This has happened with everyone who can do so working from home over the past year and a half or more. 

And this has become the new normal.

Transitions always feel off. But if the new state is one we aspire to, then we just need to get through the transition period until the habit is formed. 

Building new habits works the same way.

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