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At a small business or a small startup, you don't see a lot of processes in place. There are a few individuals and each one is trusted to get their bit done the best way they see possible.

However, as a company grows in number of people, more processes are introduced. 

This is to ensure that the company, while it would certainly still appreciate it, doesn't rely on individual sparks of brilliance.

Processes do not remove the room for expressing individual brilliance. They just ensure there is no reliance on it.

Our own decision making could use processes for that very reason. 

By leaving the decision of whether to work out on a certain day, or to eat in a certain way to specific moments, we are increasing reliance on individual moments for making our decisions.

Individual moments are more prone to advertising, to lack of motivation, to our general state of mind at that moment. 

What we ought to do is have processes to still allow for following our inspiration, but not relying on it for every decision. 

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