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We are an experimenting species. 

We try out new things, occasionally explore paths we have not taken before and through such experimentation, expand our knowledge.

We can undertake experiments of two types. 

Directed experimentation is when we have a certain hypothesis in mind, and then we try it out and see if it is actually true. This way, we learn by falsifying or validating hypotheses that we have formulated.

The other way of experimentation is to wander. This is undirected experimentation where we indulge our curiosity and nothing more. We go where our curiosity takes us. 

And often, we learn something along the way.

There is a lot of literature on directed experimentation and how to go about it. That's only because we are naturally wanderers and need a little more discipline to undertake directed experimentation.

But, this shouldn't come at the expense of wandering.

There should always be room to wander.

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