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Levels of Engagement

In everything that we do, we can engage in one of four levels. 

In the first level, we do something out of a fear of punishment. Like filing our taxes or following the traffic rules. If we don't do them, we stand to face adverse consequences. 

In the second level, we do something out of an expectation of a reward. Like investing. We do it because there is a desirable reward for doing so.

In the third level, we do something out of a sense of duty. Like helping a new colleague on-board at the workplace. We do it because it is our duty to ensure new joiners are supported as they assimilate into the workplace.

In the fourth level, we do something out of a sense of love. Like going on a vacation or spending time with family. We do it because we enjoy doing it.

If you were to categorise all of your daily activities into these four buckets, what level is your engagement mostly on?

What level would you want it to be on?

Design your life around that.

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