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Out of the Box

We often notice someone come up with an idea that we had never considered, or do something that we would have never thought of, and we commend such a person for thinking 'out of the box'. 

The expression, 'out of the box' in itself a kind of a box, because the box being referred to makes it seem like it is a hard tangible line and anything that is within the realm of that line is conventional and anything that is outside of it is unconventional, or 'out of the box'.

In reality, the definition of the box is really blurry. 

What seems unconventional to me might seem perfectly conventional and logical to someone who is at the edge of my 'box'. 

The way to get ourselves to think unconventionally is to expand on our vocabulary for what we think is conventional. 

The box is blurry. Keep pushing at the edges.

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