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Play a Game

Most children love games. 

Games have a hyper-fast feedback loop for learning. Every game has it's secrets - which are the strategies that a player can employ in order to win or be good at the game. Like in Chess, learning good opening moves and learning how to mate with a king and a rook make it easier for us to win games than having to figure them out when we are in that situation in the game. 

Good games are ones that constantly offer up such secrets to players of all levels, right from those playing the game for the first time to those that have played it for several months. 

The real world works like most such games, just that the feedback loop for learning is nowhere near as fast as in a game. 

When we figure out how to do well in a situation, we tend to enjoy putting ourselves in such situations until we get bored and feel the need to level up. 

Unlike games, though, the real world has infinite levels across an infinite dimensions that we can choose to level up on. 

Sometimes, this infinite choice paralyses us and makes us feel like we are stuck or bored.

If you're feeling bored, just find something to level up.

Play a game.

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