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Don't half-ass it

Yesterday, I was driving on the road and I noticed this at the backside of the bus that was in front of me:

"If you are on the bus priority lane and you are able to read this, then you are on the wrong lane."

Somebody thought that they would let people who have mistakenly entered the bus priority lane in their cars that they are in the wrong lane and that they ought to exit it. 

Which is a good idea. 

However, the implementation left me laughing. 

If I already know that I'm on the bus priority lane, then I don't need that reminder on the bus telling me I'm on the wrong lane. I already know it.

And if I don't know that I'm on the bus priority lane, then, even if I read this sign, I still don't know that I'm on the bus priority lane. 

So, the sign serves very little purpose.

I've been thinking about "Don't half-ass it McConaughey!", which is the advice from his father that he refers to often in his book, Greenlights. (PS: I thought it was a delightful read!)

I've been thinking about the advice to not half-ass it in multiple contexts recently, and this signboard on the bus was another case when I was reminded of it, as it looked like someone was half-assing it on their job.

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