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Some days, I sit down to write and I have so many ideas that I have to choose from among them as to what to write about. I'm done quickly and onto other things. 

Other days, I sit for a long time without being able to come up with a single idea. I'm left grasping at straws and wondering why I'm struggling to come up with anything interesting to write about.

I used to think this is an indicator of my mood on that day or that I might be just jaded after a while of daily. After all, who can do anything productive when they're not in the mood, right?

But, the reality is that this is simply an indicator of the quality of the inputs in my life. 

In order to have topics to write about, I need to be reading, talking, watching and experiencing things that provoke thoughts, make me think and consider my perspective on them or what I can take away from them. There are hundreds of different things that I come across each day, and to think that not one of those is interesting enough for me to think about a little deeper is preposterous. 

The days I sit down to write and don't have any good ideas are simply the culmination of prior days where I haven't done much reading, or haven't really exposed myself to new ideas that made me think. 

The quality of ideas in what I write indicate the quality of inputs I have in the days leading up to it. 

Ideas don't come out of thin air. We need to be out in the world and experiencing things in order to be able to generate ideas of our own.

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