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Goals and the Journey

Earlier today, I came across this post from the founder & CEO of Zerodha, one of the biggest success stories in the Indian startup ecosystem:

While nearly all businesses set goals and work backwards from them in order to determine what needs to be done to achieve them, the Zerodha approach is something that works as well.

In fact, this is an approach that you see a lot more often in the personal productivity space, where the benefits of investing in the practice and in building habits (or the journey as Nithin Kamath puts it) rather than a particular end goal. 

Even though goals may not be in terms of end results like user growth, revenues or profits, there do need to be goals in terms of what's right for users.

After all, goals are about providing direction to everyone. Without goals, there is no concept of prioritisation. And in a world of scarce resources as compared to all the ideas that are right for the users, prioritisation is important. 

We can function adequately and thrive by focusing on the journey instead of the goals, as long as we have a direction to march forward in.

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