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Imagining the Future

While making decisions, we try to travel to the future in our imagination to see how things might turn out if we decide one way or another - like what it would be like if we move to a different country or take up a new job. 

We rely very heavily on our own imagination in imagining the future and discount what we can learn from those who are already living that future - like those who have already moved to that country or have already taken up that job.

I recently had a conversation with someone who was considering taking up a job at a company I had worked at. I've had such conversations with others before, and frequently get asked by candidates I interview for roles as to what my experience has been.

However, these questions are usually very generic, like "What has your experience been?" or "What do you like / hate about the company / role?"

While I always answer those questions as truthfully as possible, I'm never clear as to how that really helps the decision making of the other person. So, I often follow up with "What specifically would you like to know?" and never get a good answer, making me realise that the person asking the question doesn't have a clear framework of what their decision making criteria are and how my answer will help them make an evaluation. 

However, this person I spoke to recently had a very targeted set of questions to ask, that made it extremely clear what his top criteria were for making their decision. 

While imagining the future of what it will be like once we are living the consequences of our decision, while important to add our personal flavour to the picture, the best thing to do is to outline the list of things that excites us about that future or makes us anxious about that future and then ask specific questions about them to those who are living the future we are considering. 

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