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Speak Your Mind

Not speaking our mind is risk free. 

We can hold onto our opinion and not tell the group or the presenter that we disagree with what they're saying, or point out flaws in their arguments.

It is risk free because we seem like we get along with the group, we don't displease anyone, we don't take responsibility if the plan doesn't work out. 

And it is selfish, because it comes from a place of prioritising our own likability over the benefits for the group or the company.

To speak our mind, on the other hand, to point out the flaws, to raise uncomfortable questions, to provide critical feedback is risky.

It is risky because it forces us to do the hard work of backing up what we are saying with hard facts, of doing our due diligence to ensure what we are saying makes sense and do not have obvious flaws of their own. 

And it is generous, because it allows people to make improvements to their plans and possibly get better results. 

In the long run, it is the generosity that wins, and the work that goes into it that makes us better at what we do. 

Inspiration: No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings

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