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Why We Do the Things We Do

Everything we do in our lives has one of these reasons at their core.

We do it because we fear the consequences of not doing it.

We do it because we see it as a fair or worthwhile exchange for what we get in return.

We do it because we feel a sense of duty - our values and our identity drives us to do it.

We do it because we enjoy doing it.

To take the example of exercise,

Fear - We exercise because we fear the future healthcare bills and the physical care we will need or the things that we will not be able to do in the future if we don't stay healthy.

Fair exchange - We exercise because we find it worthwhile to put in the effort to look good.

Duty - We exercise because we identify as a fit person and don't feel like ourselves when we skip a workout

Love - We love the feeling of lifting higher weights or completing a hike or playing a sport and want to do more of it.

If we really dig deep to understand our own selves, we will find ways to convert fear into fair exchange into duty into love.

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