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"We judge others by the same standards which we judge ourselves. If we judge ourselves by how much money we make, we will judge others by how much money they make. The values we’ve adopted for ourselves are the same values we project onto others." 

Hat-tip to Mark Manson, who shared this statement in his newsletter this week.

It doesn't take a lot of reflection to realise that the statement is largely accurate. 

But irrespective of how accurate it is, reflecting on it makes us question the values that we have adopted and poke holes in them to see if they need amending.

And more importantly, it makes us realise that there is no universal yardstick. We can choose to follow what works for us, and others will follow what works for them. 

While Mark's point is that it makes no sense to judge others by our yardstick, I think the converse is also true in that it makes no sense for us to feel inadequate (or superior) when we measure well as per someone else's yardstick.

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