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Worth our while

In everything that we do, from lifting weights in the gym to getting promoted at work, we keep hitting points where we have a decision to make. 

At each of these points, we know that it is possible to get better than where we are at, and with the right due diligence, it is possible to find out exactly what needs to be done to get better.

But that doesn't mean we always end up doing what it takes to get better.

The decision boils down to whether we see it as worth our while to put in the work that is needed for what we think we will get for it. 

When commentators and sports pundits talk about the winner just wanting it more than the loser, what they mean is that the winning team saw it as worth their while to put in the effort needed to come out on top, while the losing team didn't, perhaps because of complacency.

All of us make similar decisions fairly often. 

We only get as far as what we feel is worth our while. 

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