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 The macro business environment has been uncertain (to say the least) these past few months. With several companies laying off employees and several more in the process of doing so, there is uncertainty in the air for a lot of people.

Uncertainty, though, is only in the realm of the environment external to us as individuals. Sure, we can't know with certainty what the impact on us will be due to the changes that may or may not happen. But, the uncertainty still pertains to what's outside of us. 

In that sense, there is always uncertainty. Even in an exuberant environment, we do not know if we will get promoted or get a raise. We do not know if the products we are working on will succeed. 

Nonetheless, we live with that uncertainty. We make reasonable expectations and do our best.

The uncertainty in a less exuberant time like now isn't any different. We still make reasonable expectations and we still do our best.

There is never an uncertainty in terms of what we ought to do. We always ought to bring our best to the table.

And there is always an uncertainty in terms of how things could turn out. There is never a time when we have a complete control over the circumstances. 

Perceived uncertainty is merely a distraction. 

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