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Rajmahal African Circus

The circus is in town. At least all the equipment, the animals and the performers are here. My friend, Bhargav, is very fond of animals and he happened to check out the huge tent put up right next to the latest multi-storey apartments to have come up in my neighbourhood, Elita Promenade, last week and he noticed there were elephants, horses and his favourite - birds. He asked me to accompany me to go have look around the place the next day and we did exactly that. We were only able to see horses and elephants that day. Oh! we saw a couple of dwarfs as well. We enquired as to when the show will begin and were told by what looked like a gatekeeper that the show would begin on Monday, thats a good two days ago now. He went there promtly on Monday morning only to be told that the opening has been put off by a couple of days. We went again today evening aand the same person told us the show starts the day after, thats Friday and also said that the delay was being caused due to lack of permits to conduct the show. He claimed that the collector (no clue who he is by the way) has to come here in order to inaugurate the opening. I have never seen a circus in action so I must say I am looking forward to this and hopefully The Rajmahal African Circus will not disappoint me. I need to find out the funda behind the name as well. The tickets range from a mere 40 rupees per person to 200 rupees per person. Those of you who can spare the time do catch a show once it starts.

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