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Horlicks Wiz Kids 2009

Horlicks Wiz Kids 2009, Bangalore, matched its annually increasing success and popularity as students thronged the auditorium at Ambedkar Bhavan on both days of South Asia's biggest inter school fiesta. Over a hundred schools took part in over 30 events spread over 2 days. The team Kray On headed by Sultan did a spendid job to ensure everything went on time and in a satisfactory manner. It was a wonderful experience just to be there as a part of the event. The team has already packed and left for Coimbatore for the next event and will be going to nearly 34 cities and then to Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. If you are in school and you missed it this year make sure you do not miss it next year as well for I'm sure you will not experience anything this extravagant ever again in your school life.

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