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Where Do We Go From Here?

You might remember the last time I watched a play. If 'Ukhde Log' was bad, then no word in the English dictionary can describe 'Where Do We Go From Here?'. Everything about the play was either funny although not intended to be or was just plain bad. Having paid twice the amount I paid for Ukhde Log, I really expected a good show and to say I was disappointed is an understatement. If I had not been with people who enjoyed the side comments I passed every now and then, I'm sure I would have fallen asleep. At one point, when the lights went out, everyone left and not one of us were sure as to whether the play had even ended. All we cared for was to be as far away from the auditorium as possible. If you are interested in experiencing this yourself you can go to the JSS auditorium on the 11th and I'm sure you will get tickets even if you go seconds before the play is about to begin.

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