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Transformers II

I have a feeling I have watched the first edition of Transformers but I don't really remember what happened in it. If you ask me about the second edition - Revenge Of The Fallen in a month or two, I'm sure I won't remember what really happened in this either. The movie was a bit too much of a drag and I can't say I enjoyed anything in the movie except perhaps a couple of scenes featuring Megan Fox. The action was good but I felt the makers concentrated too much on it. One factor that could possibly have influenced my take on the movie was the fact that the trailer of the Harry Ptter and the Half Blood Prince was show before the start of the movie and I was really excited by the trailer and am still waiting to watch the movie. The Transformers movie that followed failed to grab my interest as the Harry Potter trailer did. Also, this was my first movie at Urvashi and the theatre is not all that bad. It lives upto the quality you come to expect for the prices you pay there.

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