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Tata Docomo - Think of us.

'When you read good content, think of us.'

Tata Docomo might as well go ahead and use this in their next ad of the current campaign, claiming that most content publishers use their network, and add logos of Blogger and Wordpress below the message.

The latest campaign has featured many ads in this format. The campaign has been about telling the viewers that the major brands in any sector prefer to use the Tata Docomo network.

Up till this point, Tata Docomo had focused on communicating the advantages and the positives that the network had to offer, like faster browsing speeds, more value for talktime and so on. This is a step in a new direction.

When it comes to choosing a mobile network, the main criteria of selection are the value provided by the network as compared to its competition, and perhaps the preferred choice of network among the majority in one's peer circle. I have never heard anyone saying that she wanted to switch to a particular network provider because her bank or her newspaper publishers used that network.

The communication will probably ensure good recall of the brand. But with the creativity of Vodafone and Airtel to compete with, achieving a good recall is hardly any good. There is little in this campaign that will make a subscriber to a competing network want to switch.

Although the campaign gets a plus for its creative, I am thoroughly skeptical about it making even the slightest impact on sales. Perhaps, the objective of the campaign is to prevent the existing customers from switching to competing networks. The campaign holds little promise on that front as well, as loyalty to network providers is a rare commodity today.

So, while the customers might think of Tata Docomo, that is all they might be doing. If buying is what Tata Docomo wants its users to do, it should do more.

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