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The creator and the investor

If you're in a creative field, the work you do is like founding a startup. The articles you write, the music you make, the courses you teach bring out a conflict within you. A conflict between two sides. The investor side and the creator side.

As a creator, you want to ship the work that matters to you. You want to ship something that makes a difference, even if only to a handful of people. 

But the investor asks for bigger. The investor wants you to reach a wider audience, to grow your market share. The investor pushes you to be bigger than your competitors. 

Because bigger means more revenue, a greater return on investment.

Of course, all of that is good to have for the creator as well. But that's what it is, good to have. It isn't the reason why the creator wakes up every morning and shows up to work with a smile on her face. 

But the conflict is easy to resolve.

You just need to ask, is bigger better for the investor or better for the customer.

If it turns out better for the customer as well, by all means give in to the push of the investor and grow bigger. Because you'll still turn up to work with a smile on your face.

If it turns out better for the investor alone, then maybe it isn't worth growing bigger.

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